I’ve heard a lot of complaining about this deal in the last 24 hours.  All 6’5″ of Adam McQuaid re-signed with the Bruins for $2.75 million per year for 4 years.  The biggest gripe?  Everything.  Too much term for that kind of dough.

I get it.  Four years is a fairly lengthy term in salary cap based league where teams are constantly looking to save money in their bottom 2-3 defensemen.  If it were 3-years at $2 million there is considerably less grumbling.  I will say I thought McQuaid was one of the few who brought it last year considering how many down years most of the roster had.  And I truly think this will be a good year him.

Today, defenseman Brendan Smith (Reilly’s brother) of the Detroit Red Wings re-signed for the same average annual cap hit ($2.75 million) for only two years and we’d all rather have McQuaid.  Brooks Orpik “stays at home” and provides zero offense for the Washington Capitals and makes double what Adam McQuaid does.  The trend of paying up for experienced guys who’ve been in the league, know the NHL game well, and have physical and leadership intangibles is obvious.

Is it an over payment for McQuaid?  Maybe.  But mainly because of the term.  Could they have used the money on Dougie?  Sure, if Dougie wanted to stay in Boston.  I think McQuaid is worth the money and term he got.  If for some reason by year three it’s going south it’s a contract that could be traded.  But that’s up to the Miller’s, Trotman’s, and Morrow’s of the Bruins world to raise their game before that would happen.