Well moments ago North America’s most beautiful city just gained a new 7th defenseman.  Matt Bartkowski has signed a 1-year, $1.75 million deal with the Vancouver Canucks.

It’s pretty easy to pick on Bart.  He’s undersized, he’s never scored a regular season goal, and he got exposed in the defensive end against top talent.  His positives though was he could really skate and get the puck up ice on the breakout that slower defenseman often had trouble doing.  He’d always show flashes of that offensive/speedy upside in joining the rush that made you think maybe he’s going to stick.  But he was always the 7th defenseman.  The deficiencies in his own end, taking bad penalties when he was overwhelmed and chasing, we’re just too much.  Even with injuries to McQuaid and Seidenberg he could never take advantage of the opportunity and seize a permanent top-6 spot.  But for a 7th round pick in 2008 to make it to the NHL, be a throw in with the Seidenberg deal from Florida years ago, I’d say the Bruins got what they could out of him.  And it was definitely time for him to move on.