Thank God. I know this signing is merely a formality, he’s coming out of his rookie deal with very little NHL experience, but I’m glad it’s done.  Ryan Spooner’s new deal is for 2 years with more details to follow.

I love this kid. He is what the new NHL is.  Young, fast, skilled, and fun to watch.  He threw up an impressive 26 points in 34 games last season and helped even the plodding Milan Lucic raise his game.  I can’t imagine how much further down the standings the Bruins would have been had they not finally given him his long overdue shot in the show.  He figures to be a 3rd line center this season but depending on who else Boston can grab on the wing this off season the team could end up with a lightning fast third line.  I really think the 2010 second round pick is going to have another eye opening season.