If the reports are true, that Mike Richards was caught at the border with Oxycodone, it might explain his play the past few years.  Despite his role in the Kings team success, he really hasn’t quite been the player he was with the Flyers since he was traded to Los Angeles back in 2011.  During the lockout shortened year he had 32 points in 48 games, which would seem like he was back, but since then his stats have dropped off.

I am only speculating, and I have no evidence to prove one way or another, but I hope this isn’t a serious issue for Richards.  If he has a dependency on some controlled substance it most likely started due to an injury.  With that thought, it could mean that his recent play could have been caused by an ongoing injury, and hampered even more drug use.

Richards is only 30-years-old so he isn’t ancient by NHL standards.  Patrice Bergeron is 30-years-old.  I just hope if he does have a problem that he gets help and he is able to get a second chance at continuing his career.  He’s been a great leader and player in the NHL for awhile now.

If this can’t get sorted out I have a feeling that this might end a once promising and accomplished career.