Justin Williams is a Washington Capital.  Late last night the forward inked a 2-year, $6.5 million deal to lace ’em up in the nations capital.

Mr. Game 7 is a great fit in Washington.  Sportsnet Stats had a good one: Williams is 7-0 with 14 points in game 7’s; the Capitals franchise as a whole has only won 4 game 7’s total.  I sneaky kind of hoped the Bruins would get Williams.  I’ve always just loved watching this guy play.  He has an unreal release and a great clutch-knack for the back of the net.  Will they put him on the wing next to Alexander Ovechkin and Backstrom, or drop him down to the 2nd line?  Personally I get him on the top line and let ‘er rip.

Oh, not to mention the guy also wins everything; Gold Medals, 3 Stanley Cups (2006, 2012, 2014), and a Conn Smythe.  If Hillary isn’t careful the guy just might take the 2016 Presidency right out from under her pants suit while he’s in D.C.  It honestly wouldn’t shock me one bit.  Mr. Game 7, indeed.