We this sucks.  It really, really sucks.  Martin St. Louis, one of the best NHLers of his era, has retired.  He was 2004 League MVP, Art Ross, Lady Byng, and Lester Pearson Award winner and he capped that off with a 2004 Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning.  What’s more, is he even won an Olympic Gold Medal as well.  It really is a sad day for hockey.

I grew up idolizing this guy.  I wore #8 because that’s what he wore back in the day.  He played his college hockey just down the road at the University of Vermont and created some of the most electric hockey moments The Gut has ever seen.  If it hadn’t been for a missed hand pass call UVM may have a national championship banner hanging today.  I remember seeing him at a gas station with Timmy Thomas filling his Hummer the summer before he won the Cup and MVP and telling him like a school girl how much I liked him and his game and he couldn’t have been more humble and friendly.  Undersized, undrafted, cast off by the Calgary Flames, no problem.  He just goes on to be one of the best NHL players out there.  Too small?  Nope.  Going to get pushed around?  Nope.  He was awesome and the NHL will miss him.  I’ll miss watching him tear it up.  

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go trade for him on NHL 2015 on Xbox before they take him out of the game at the next roster update.