Tell me to my face that this guy looks nervous.  You can’t.  For those of you who aren’t up to date on your onomatology, Donald is from the Gaelic name Domhnall which means “ruler of the world”.  Is that a coincidence?  Not a chance.  After Day 1 of free agency it is safe to say that The Ruler is assembling his wolf pack on his terms and will open hand slap anyone who thinks otherwise.

The Don took some haymakers after the draft down in sunny F-L-A.  Maybe he spent too much time sipping mojitos and taking in the scenery poolside but he made some moves on Day 1 of Free Agency that made a lot critics do somewhat of a 180, especially now that Donnie boy has some more cap cheddar to burn.

Now I know what you were thinking and I was thinking it too… Maybe Sweeney was out a little too late with Zac Rinaldo Tuesday night, crushing Red and Whites at Centerfolds.  But when he finally got out of bed and dusted off the cob webs, he was all business.

I’m not going to lie the Beleskey signing had me nervous.  I saw confirmation of the signing while sipping some pints at a local watering hole but hadn’t seen the details yet.  I definitely would have bet my next house yellow that the Bruins had overpaid.  Glad I didn’t.  After seeing the term, a little on the high side for my liking, coupled with an AAV of $3.8 million, you cannot say that is a bad deal for a 27-year-old coming off a 22 goal year.

It’s now becoming more plausible to me that maybe Dale Tallon was at Centerfolds with The Don and Zac Rinaldo Tuesday night.  The player swap of Reilly Smith for Florida’s Jimmy Hayes makes sense for both squads.  But I am dying to know how many Fireball shots it took the Sweenster to pony up for Tallon to agree to take on Savard’s contract.  Either that or a couple champagne room “drinks” were in the mix.  Getting Tallon to soak the Savard $4 million-cap-hit contract when he knows you are up against the cap just doesn’t happen in normal negotiations unless they are raking you over the coals in the player swap, which was not the case.

Finally, the Spooner deal.  Pretty simple.  Good term, good value.  A team friendly contract but also provides some compensation to a young player eager to continue progressing his NHL career.  Period.

Now, with those additions I am not going to say fire up the duck boats for next summer as there is a lot of work still left to do on this roster.  But I am saying it may be a good idea for Foxwoods to think about replenishing some of their inventory, just in case?