Bellyache all you want about the Bruins only getting 3 great draft picks in the Dougie Hamilton trade but you really have no clue what you got until those kids Don Sweeney drafted with those picks trade in their pull-ups for big boy NHL pants.  And if Keith Gretzky’s scouting talents that found David Pastrnak at 25th overall last year is the new barometer going forward then maybe everyone should relax and give the guy the benefit of the doubt when he’s picking twelve spots higher in a much deeper draft.  In the meantime, if the Bruins are going to address any current defensive needs then The Don should find a way to trade for Kevin Shattenkirk yesterday and Dougie will be an afterthought.

Shattenkirk is a 26-year-old, right shot, how do you say, “stud” defenseman.  St. Louis can deny they aren’t shipping him out of town but something tells me if Nelly was in St. Louis GM Doug Armstrong’s office right now he’d still be singing “It’s gettin’ hot in huuurr!”  Shattenkirk is practically a Bruin by blood.  Born in Connecticut, he won a national championship with the Boston University Terriers after being a great U.S. National Development Team player.  Even when Shattenkirk, the 14th overall pick in 2007 by the Colorado Avalanche, was coming up through the Colorado ranks after playing at B.U. the Boston Bruins kicked the tires on getting him before he was sent to St. Louis.

Now, I’m no Harvard Don Sweeney, but I did see what it took to get T.J. Oshie out of St. Louis.  A pick, two gift cards to Sears, and a few packs of Donruss trading cards or something ridiculous like that.  A solid pick packaged with a Subban or Khoklhachev could seal the deal with Armstrong, am I right?   With an average cap hit of $4.25 million for the next two seasons it’s a no brainer.  Shattenkirk was on pace for about a 65 point season last year as a defenseman before his injury when the leading point getter in the NHL at forward was only in the mid-80’s (Jamie Benn, Dallas Stars, with 87).  Patrice Bergeron led the Bruins with only 55 points.

Shattenkirk wants to be a Bruin and back in Boston.  That’s not a fact, it’s just something I tell myself everyday.  But all good things start with a dream.  And I’m leading the charge on this one.  Don Sweeney went to college in Boston and was a Bruin.  Shattenkirk went to college in Boston and should be Bruin.  They are practically related; blood brothers at worst.  St. Louis is stuck in a stacked Central Division and the only way they can even start the climb to the top, if that’s even possible, is to send the Boston Bruins some Kevin Shattenkirk.  It’s that obvious.