According to a Buffalo News report, newly signed $52.5 million man Ryan O’Reilly drove drunk and rammed into a Tim Horton’s cafe last Thursday at 4am.  What’s worse, is he abandoned his vehicle and fled the scene of the accident with an unnamed passenger.  O’Reilly was located walking with the passenger about a mile away.

It’s safe to say Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray and owner Terrance Pegula can’t be all that psyched with this incident.  O’Reilly just signed the biggest contract the franchise has ever given and the ink hadn’t even dried on the paper yet when this went down.  Considered one of the center pieces of Buffalo’s rebuild, O’Reilly had arrived from Colorado with some baggage from previous contract issues and dealings with his former organization.  It remains to be seen how this will impact him and the Sabres going forward as the punishment and further details will take awhile to come about.  In the meantime, let the “was Evander Kane the passenger?” jokes begin.