The NHL has been home to the mullet for many a year.  It is only fitting that this weeks Throwback Thursday (#tbt) pays tribute to a hair that made hockey famous.  Here is Boston Pucks all-time mullet team starting lineup:

Center: Wayne Gretzky – The Great One Mullet


Wayne was able to pull off the mullet and score a hot actress wife in Janet Jones.  Although conspiracy types suggest Janet might have been the real reason the Los Angeles Kings traded for Gretzky back in the 80’s it’s obvious L.A. did it for his hair.  Look at the flow.  He has the perfect part in the middle creating supreme vision, which made it easy to set up his teammates with his legendary playmaking ability.

Right Wing:  Jaromir Jagr – The Foreign Mullet 


Jagr took the mullet to a whole new level in the 90’s.  Just when you thought the trend was over he brought it back with a vengeance.  He had the “I just woke up” look on top complimented by a sweet mud flap in the back.  That thing could have been on a Ford F-350.

Left Wing:  Ziggy Palffy – The “Razor Ramon” Fade Mullet


Ziggy was trying to let everyone know that Jagr wasn’t the only foreign hockey star that could rock the mullet.  His was sculpted with a fantastically tight fade cut on the sides, but the top flows really nicely to the back.  You couldn’t chisel something that perfect in stone if you tried.

Defense:  Marty McSorley – The “Roadhouse” Mullet


I’m not sure if it was deliberate, because McSorely did moonlight as an actor in Hollywood for awhile, but he surely pays homage to Patrick Swayze’s “Roadhouse” special cut in this photo.  He’s the perfect all-mullet team member.  A nasty, tough player who could also double as a “cooler” at The Double Deuce.

Defense: Al Iafrate – The “I Shoot The Puck 105 MPH So Don’t Say Anything About My Bald Spot” Mullet


It’s just near impossible to top this beauty.  A legendary one-of-a-kind cut.  It’s almost like his hair deliberately moved from the top to the back just to mess with everyone else.  Very nice touch to maintaining a “Flex Seal, In A Can” spray on look in the front as well.  It’s really the most unique look in mullet history.  Iafrate was also given the nickname of “The Planet” for his peculiar personality.  It certainly seems fitting when you see his locks.

Goalie:  Kelly Hrudey – The “Achy Breaky Heart” Mullet


This was a tough decision between Hrudey and Eddie Belfour.  Hrudey ended up winning the job by channeling his inner Billy Ray Cyrus.  Also helping him was the fact that he wore a headband/bandana under his mask.  It is nothing but pure style on the top and 80’s thrash metal in the back.

Head Coach: Barry Melrose – The “Barry Melrose” Mullet


Who else would you expect to coach the All-Mullet team?  There is no coach out there that can even compete with Barry Melrose.  Barry is so confident with his mullet he still rocks it to this day.  It looks like he even frosted the tips in the back.  It is not a coincidence that Melrose coached 3 (Gretzky, McSorley, and Hrudey) of the players on the All-Mullet Team.  When your coach rocks a magnificent mullet you better be on board.

Honorable Mention: Derek Sutton


Sutton could have shown off his mullet in the NHL if it was not for a cheap shot by Carl Racki.  It would have been unreal to see that cheese touching the back of an NHL sweater.

Honorable Mention: Eddie Belfour


Eddie “The Eagle” had some talented hair.  If it was not for Kelly Hrudey having an “All-World” mullet Belfour would be the starting goalie.   By the year 2000 Belfour had moved on from the mullet.  And that year he got arrested for putting a Dallas hotel security guard in a headlock.  Police had to mace him so he would release the man from his death grip.  If Eddie had the mullet at that time he most likely would have been shielded from the mace and laughed in the officers face.

Honorable Mention: Mike Modano


Modano did not rock the mullet for very long during his NHL career.  In the picture above he is all business in the front and high school party in the back.  This mullet is not as powerful as the guys on the first team, but as an 18-year-old heartthrob rocking the style it is priceless.

There you have it.  Boston Pucks NHL “All-Mullet” Team