Last night former Boston Bruin forward Blake Wheeler took to Twitter to voice his opinion about the possibility of the NHL putting ads and sponsored logos on their jerseys:

Preach on, Blake.  Preach on.  I happen to agree with him 100%.  But I think in the long run his view, which aligns with probably all fans, won’t matter. 

Arenas league wide are corporate sponsored.  The boards around the rink are wallpapered in ads.  And just about every inch of space in the building and during broadcasts are available to a sponsor for a price.  The professional European hockey league sweaters are skating billboards, as are soccer leagues worldwide.  I don’t see how the NHL doesn’t start strategically placing ads on their uniforms as well in the coming seasons.  The one positive that players can take from it; it will increase revenue and thus increase the money players will make.   Regardless, Blake Wheeler is right.  It’s hard to stomach the idea of the “spoked B” Bruins jersey having a Wendy’s or McDonald’s patch neatly placed next to it.  But it’s coming.  And there’s nothing we can do about it.