Boston Bruins forward Max Talbot took the streets of his native Montreal recently with Boston Bruins TV to have a little fun with Habs fans.  He posed as “Tim the Interviewer” on St. Catherine’s Street and stopped locals walking by to ask them general hockey questions about the Canadiens and Bruins.  Not only did the locals not put it together that they were indeed talking to the homegrown Talbot, a man who scored both goals in a 2-1 Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 victory with Pittburgh in 2009, but they also took the opportunity to take some shots at him while supporting their own Montreal Canadiens.  One fan even goes as far to say Talbot is a “disgrace” to Quebec and the city of Montreal.  Talbot does a great job keeping it together throughout the skit and it’s a pretty great video that’s sure to crack you up.  Of course anything Habs fans say about hockey will crack anyone up.  Take a look and enjoy a good laugh:  Max Talbot on Boston Bruins TV