A few weeks ago I had written a blog about Tyler Seguin and the chances of him maturing into an all-around NHL star.  Could he be a player who isn’t just the offensive threat he is but also some one who can win big face-offs and play shutdown defensive hockey? Basically, become a Jonathan Toews.  I wrote, “I don’t see it happening just yet.  I think he enjoys being the player he is because it naturally fits who he is.”

Well, yesterday in Twitter-land ex-Toronto Maple Leafs CEO Richard Peddie chirped Tyler Seguin about who he is as well.  The tweet is pictured below as you can read for yourself:

Now, I’m a seasoned veteran of the 6am party.  I’m a borderline sommelier that can sniff one out anywhere. And we know the 23-year-old multi-millionaire Tyler Seguin has enjoyed his fair share too.  This isn’t a huge deal.  But this tweet is essentially a bad look for both Peddie and Seguin.  Peddie looks like the crusty old man down the street complaining about “kids these days” when they aren’t his kids and they aren’t his problem. Whereas Seguin is continuing to perpetuate the story line that he loves his booze and partying and hasn’t matured much since his exploits in Boston.

Peddie’s comment will quickly pass and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  It’s safe to say few will really care about an off-season party at the Seguin household. Seguin should also know he won’t be getting the benefit of the doubt yet either.  He probably doesn’t even care if he does.  That is why when it comes to him becoming that complete star right now, which doesn’t ever have to be for him to remain a great player, “I don’t see it happening just yet. I think he enjoys being the player he is because it naturally fits who he is.”