Boston Herald (source):  “If I had heard it from the GM then I would have been concerned, but the thing that bothered me was that people even talked about it. That’s kind of a slap in the face. It means you’re not playing your best, and you obviously want to play to a level where people don’t question you.”

That’s Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg speaking with the Boston Herald recently about his feelings of being thrown into trade rumor talk last season.  And I can’t say I disagree with him.

Seidenberg’s 2013-2014 season was cut short by a flukey ACL tear.  When he returned last season he just didn’t seem to get out of second gear.  Anyone coming off of that type of injury is going to need time to get up speed.  Especially a 34-year-old veteran defenseman who logs big minutes playing the fastest team sport on the planet.

However, I don’t think the trade chatter was unwarranted.  But I do think it was more a product of the Bruins overall financial landscape at the time because everyone on defense looked tradable last season.  So who would have to go?  I’m not a fan of trading Seidenberg, but with his age, $4 million cap hit through 2018, and the Bruins budget being a debacle because of Peter Chiarelli, at the time moving Seidenberg would have made the most sense if it had to happen.  But since Chiarelli was always overly attached to “his guys” like a high school crush I don’t think Dennis had to worry.  That’s why he didn’t hear it come from the GM.

Seidenberg, like Chara, is poised to have a strong bounce back season.  A summer of healing, strengthening, and a core of young defenseman pushing for spots will bring out the best.  I also think the change in overall philosophy that Don Sweeney brings to the Bruins this year helps ignite the team.  It forces players out the comfort zone Chiarelli created and also gives the guys a clean slate to work with.

I’m glad he’s still a Bruin.  I’m glad Seidenberg hated the trade rumors.  And I think it’s just the right fuel to fire his game come October.