(Source: Bleacher Report):  Despite his accomplishments on the ice, Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban doesn’t want to be remembered for being a great hockey player.  He’d rather people focus on what he does off the ice.  His latest charitable contribution will certainly seal his legacy as one of the most generous athletes out there.  Last year, Subban signed an eight-year, $72 million deal with the Canadiens, and he is putting a huge chunk of that money to good use.  Per Kelly Greig of Global Montreal, Subban will donate $10 million to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

P.K. Subban may have been fined a few times for diving in his career.  He may love to embellish and has perfected the church camp trust fall.  But P.K. Subban donating $10 million today to Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation is a remarkable gesture.  It’s beyond impressive.  It’s only something a genuine and enormously big hearted person could do.  It’s inspirational.

It seems everyday we’re inundated with professional athletes on TV getting arrested, being fined, or being investigated.  Bad news always makes headlines. Today, however, is a great day to be a hockey fan.  It puts the spotlight on the right things.  Though Subban is one of the best hockey players in the world it doesn’t isolate or separate him from the biggest causes and challenges everyday people face everyday.  And he helps solidify why NHL players are considered some of the most accessible and down to earth professional athletes out there.  The NHL itself should donate another million dollars of their own money as a gesture of appreciation and support for Subban’s efforts.

So hats off to you P.K.  All joking aside, you are a saint. Donating $10 million to children’s efforts is probably the most impressive off-ice thing I’ve ever seen a pro athlete do.  And it’s safe to say we all admire and thank you for it.

That being said, I still hope the Canadiens go 0-82 this year.