It’s official.  P.K. Subban has not been named captain of the Montreal Canadiens.  As reported on the Habs players have voted to make Connecticut native Max Pacioretty the 29th captain in Canadiens history.

I know a lot of people are surprised that Subban was not voted captain.  However he will be wearing the “A” as an alternate captain.  But I think the Habs players made the right choice.  Subban, despite all of his supreme talent, and being an incredible person off the ice, he is still a fairly polarizing figure on the ice.  His diving, his questionable antics and dramatics, aren’t for everyone.  He just doesn’t always exude the characteristics of THE captain.  Pacioretty on the other hand is very calm, cool, and respected.  He fits the captaincy bill perfectly.  He can let his game do the talking without really getting into all the extracurriculars.

Time will tell if Pacioretty will become the first American-born captain to raise the Stanley Cup for the Montreal Canadiens.  It has been almost a quarter century since the Habs have won it all.  At just 26-years-old though, Pacioretty has plenty of productive seasons ahead of him to get it done.  But if I had to guess today, he’d probably have to play until he’s at least 53 to have a realistic shot at being on a Canadiens Stanley Cup winning team.