A report just came out on NHL.com that Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg will be out 8 weeks.  On Thursday he will undergo a lumbar microdisectomy to repair a disc herniation in his back.  Not good stuff.

This a bummer on a few levels.  One, Dennis Seidenberg needs a rebound season.  He needed to come out of the gate fresh, healthy and true to his rugged form to quickly put his recent woes behind him.  That won’t be happening.  Two, the Bruins don’t have much in the way of elite defensemen but Seidenberg has been one of their top performers on the blue line over the years. Now there is a gaping hole between Chara and the next 6 or 7 defenseman that continues to be a concern. Thirdly, about 85% of teams that are in the playoffs “if they started today” at American Thanksgiving (late November) remain there all season.  As tight as the NHL is every single game; if you start slow you rarely catch up.  Seidenberg will miss that first quarter of the season.  The Bruins will need to find a way to secure the blue line and stay in contention for the playoffs without Seidenberg even that early in the year.

The positives could be that Seidenberg’s procedure goes well and in two months when he returns his fresh legs will be a boost to an already well performing team. Don Sweeney has shown in his patience with the defensive situation that he thinks the young guys can handle it.  Maybe they will.  Matt Irwin looked great in his preseason debut, and Zach Trotman appears ready to go.  These guys will get their shot.  And just maybe Sweeney does finally decide to pull the trigger on a trade for a defenseman he’s been eyeing all summer so when Seidenberg returns they’ll be bolstered on defense even more. 

Either way you cut it this really sucks for Seidenberg and the Bruins.  They both need a good start to the season, and both just took a hit in that department.