I’ll always love Milan Lucic and what he did in Boston.  He was such a feared opponent when going up against the Black n’ Gold.  And as his time drew to an end in Boston we saw a player lose some speed and look out of sorts at times.  Last night in his Los Angeles Kings debut, a 5-1 loss to San Jose, he looked no different.

I watched most of the game (thank you Martin Jones for winning me money).  Lucic was a -2 with no points.  He looked about a step behind most of the game but in fairness wasn’t the only one on L.A. who looked that way.  Yet he continued his current trend, coming of a -5 for the entire preseason with only one point.  Last night he flew off the handle after Logan Couture got him with a nice clean hip check coming out of the penalty box as seen in the video above.  Lucic was assessed a match penalty, kicked out of the game, and will have a hearing with the league this morning.

I’m going to always pull for Lucic to do well.  But if he ends up having an off year in Los Angeles the trade Boston made this summer to move him will look even better than it did when they pulled the trigger.  It’ll look like highway robbery.