Usually after a Bruins game here at we do our 3 stars of the game.  Since this is a Bruins blog I decided I did not want to do a 3 Stars that included 3 Montreal players, so instead I am going to give you my 3 thoughts on the game.  The better team won tonight, but it seems like it is the same crap every time the Bruins play Montreal and it irritates the hell out of me. At some point it has to end.

1. Nothing Goes Right for the Bruins Against Montreal

It seems like nothing ever goes the Bruins way against the Canadians.  The refs had a rough night tonight and the Bruins seemed to be on the wrong end of most calls.  At the beginning of the game they missed the Plekanec hand pass right at the face off circle.  Then the Beleskey penalty that resulted in Montreal’s first goal was terrible.  The high stick on Joe Morrow, “Dirt Bag” Dale Weise sold the call in typical Montreal fashion.  The refs missed a high stick that cut open David Krejci, which could have been a 4 minute power play for the Bruins.  Ryan Spooner’s major penalty for boarding was weak as well.   Spooner took two strides and then coasted into Flynn.  I am fine with giving him two minutes, but not a major.  Lastly, I am not sure what Zac Rinaldo did to get a misconduct at the end of the game.  He hit Flynn and skated away from the initial confrontation from Mitchell.  It looked like it was a reputation call to me.

The blown non-goal against the Bruins for goalie interference was ridiculous.  Bergeron never touched Price and Price was backing to the goal line to find the puck.  Not sure how the refs and the NHL could not over turn the call on the ice.

2.  I have seen enough of Matt Irwin

Matt Irwin was -2 for the night, so for the folks who are keeping track at home, that makes him -5 in two games.  His turnover in the second period resulted in a Montreal goal.  He tried to flip the puck out of the zone and the Montreal player gloved it down and made a play.  Hopefully when Zdeno Chara returns to the lineup they keep Colin Miller in and Irwin takes a seat.  I just do not think he brings enough offensively to keep him in the lineup.  I thought the defense was better tonight, but it just seems like the other team is always scoring when Irwin is on the ice.  I like how Krug and Kevan Miller have played in these two games.  K. Miller played 20:58 minutes tonight and Krug played 23:05.  They are the teams two best defenseman at this point, they need to play more like 25 minutes.  I also thought Joe Morrow played a good game tonight.

3. Pastrnak needs to me double shifted

I do not really think he should be double shifted, but he needs to play more than the almost 14 minutes he played tonight.  The Bruins have scored 4 goals on the season so far, and Pastrnak has been in on all of them.  He was robbed of an assist on Krejci’s goal against the Jets.  He has recorded a point in each game, and should have 3 points.  I do not care if he makes drive bys on the defensive end, which he did on a goal tonight.  He is only 19 years old.  You can fix that with video sessions.  In the first two games he has been by far the best offensive player for this team.  He needs to be on the power play.  The Bruins are going to need to score more than 2 goals a game in order to win games this year and Pastrnak can provide it.