(SOURCE: FOXSPORTS) – “Vitale did not return to the game after the fight and was taken to the hospital Saturday for X-rays. Arizona coach Dave Tippett told reporters Sunday that doctors were doing more tests on Vitale and the forward will likely miss more game action.”

Well that didn’t look good.  Arizona’s Joe Vitale decided to pick a fight with Boston’s Kevan Miller after the whistle and ended up paying for it badly.  No one ever likes to see anyone get hurt, especially in a fight where the likely injury is going to be a concussion or even broken facial bones.  But Vitale also has to be a bit smarter there.  Kevan Miller is known as one of the toughest fighters in the NHL.  And you can see that pretty clearly by the force and speed in which Miller completely rag dolled him.  He simply just bit off more than he could chew. 

That being said, I truly hope Vitale isn’t injured for any length of time. But it sure was nice to see Kevan Miller sending a message to all other teams looking to tango. They may want to think twice about doing so.  Or maybe three times just in case.