(Source: CBC.ca) – “Price made a season-high 38 saves, including 17 in the opening period, to post his second shutout in the last three games as the Canadiens downed the visiting Blues 3-0 on Tuesday night. Montreal extended its club-record winning streak to start the season to seven games.”

Look, a 7-0 record is a nice thing.  It’s nice to read, a 7 and a 0 next to each other are real sharp.  But I have one question for Montreal; what took so long?

The Habs have been around since 1909.  “Rocket” Richard, Guy Lafleur, Patrick Roy all lead the way in different eras.  They have won 24 Stanley Cups, and if you are in breathing distance of a Canadiens fan they’ll tell you it’s the greatest sports franchise of all-time.  But it took 100+ years to go 7-0?  Really?  So back when there were only 6 teams in the NHL, and the Canadiens had first pick of the top French Canadian player every year (one year they had the first three picks in the 1st round), they couldn’t start a season even 5-0?  If I were Canadiens fans I’d be very concerned.   

The was I see it, it’s been nearly a quarter century since the Canadiens have won a Stanley Cup.  In their century-plus existence they’ve never won a Stanley Cup when starting the season 7-0.  All signs are pointing to a first-round playoff exit and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.