(SOURCE: Sportsnet.ca) – Dougie Hamilton has been struggling in his first year in Calgary, and there’s a rumour about him and his departure from Boston that just won’t die.  The speculation is that among the issues Hamilton had with the Bruins was the fact he wanted them to acquire the rights to his brother, Freddie, and Boston either couldn’t or wouldn’t.  Dougie landed in Calgary at the draft, and this month the Flames acquired Freddie in a trade.

There’s something that has been bothering me since the Dougie Hamilton-to-Calgary trade went down and I need to air it out.

The Bruins were getting ripped for starting the season 0-3 and rightfully so.  They were playing poor defense and were giving up ridiculous amounts of goals early on.  But every time the media and haters brought up the Bruins defensive woes they ALWAYS said, “Why would they trade Dougie?” “What were they thinking?” “First Boychuk, now Dougie, what is Sweeney doing?!”

DOUGIE. WANTED. OUT.  Damn, I’m so tired of this not leading the story. It’s consistently ignored.  Don Sweeney did not want to trade him.  Even Cam Neely explains how much they wanted to keep him.

Chiarelli was a moron and traded Boychuk.  That’s the dumb one. That’s inexcusable.  The money Chiarelli gave to Paille, Campbell, and Kelly was money wasted that would have paid for Boychuk. But an entitled young defenseman who doesn’t want to play for you is a different story.  What was new GM Don Sweeney supposed to do?  When Dougie is asked if he wanted out of Boston he just answers, “I’m just happy to be a Calgary Flame.” Gee, thanks Dougie.  Great insight.

Now this latest story that he wanted the Bruins to trade for his brother as well (who would never crack the B’s lineup) just adds more to his story.  Especially when Calgary recently traded for Freddie Hamilton after getting Dougie.  The whole thing is stupid.

You can argue that the Bruins should have got an NHL ready defenseman in return for Dougie if they wanted to maintain that contender positioning in the power rankings.  I’ll listen to you there.  But Don Sweeney wanted as many draft picks as possible from a deep draft to package in another trade to move up and select Noah Hanifin as their next top D-man.  It didn’t work out so they drafted with the picks they got.

Dougie is a good defenseman.  I’m sure he’s probably a good guy too, and as a restricted free agent this past summer he had every right to not sign with the Bruins.  Now he’s on another roster so we can move on.  But people who want to continue to bring up the Bruins trading Hamilton, yet disregard the fact he wanted out of Boston, are missing the entire story.  It is the story.