(SOURCE: FoxSports) – “The Boston Bruins might have a goalie controversy brewing. While the team’s defense was not expected to be elite, the goaltending has also been an issue early for Boston. Former Vezina Trophy winner Tuukka Rask is not starting the season well, running a 1-3-1 record with a .856 save percentage through five games. That save percentage is way off from his .925 career average.”

I’ve read a lot of funny things in my day but that first sentence may be the funniest.  4.40 goals against average?  No problem.  0.856 save percentage?  Not even sure the league keeps track of that stat still.  What I do know is Tuukka Rask is closing the door tonight. Enough is enough.  He’s at home, he’s rested, and the team is making some better defensive adjustments.  So when you wake up tomorrow don’t be surprised to see a 4-1 victory for Bruins and Tuukka is one of the stars of the game.  If I knew Tuukka personally he’d probably say the same damn thing.  Feel free to PayPal me a cut of your DraftKings winnings. 

PS:  Loui gets the empty netter.