Old friend Tyler Seguin scored a hat trick as the Dallas Stars beat the Bruins 5-3 at the TD Garden.  The Bruins got goals from Colin Miller and Loui Eriksson (2).  This was the second night of back-to-back games for Dallas, but for most of the game they looked to be the fresher team.

3 Thoughts:

1. First power play unit scores again, but is it time to change it up

The first power play unit scored another goal tonight when Loui Eriksson buried a rebound in the first period.  I know people are going to rip me for saying this, but it might be time to make a change.  Not a big one, but a small change.  Is it time to remove Ryan Spooner from that unit.  I know this power play unit is off to a great start, but tonight with the Bruins down 4-2 they get a power play.  If they score it could change the momentum of the game.  Ryan Spooner gets the puck along the wall and makes a terrible pass to Krejci, which was no where near him, and Dallas clears the puck.  It was not just tonight.  It is a trend to see Spooner turn over the puck on the power play.  Spooner has 1 power play point for the season.  Yes, 1 point.  On that same unit which has been the NHL’s best.  To put it in perspective Krejci has 7 points on the power play.  Bergeron has 7 points, Krug has 6 points, and Eriksson has 5 points.  Being on that power play unit I am not sure how he does not have more points than he does.

2. Why do Bruins fans boo Tyler Seguin?

Maybe I have a man crush on Tyler Seguin and I wish he was still playing in Boston, but I do not understand why the Bruins fans boo him.  He was traded.  He is not like Dougie Hamilton and wanted out of Boston.  He wanted to be in Boston.  At times it even sounds like he misses Boston when he’s asked about.  Often saying “Boston will always be special and a part of me, but I’m not a part of it right now”.  It is not Tyler Seguin’s fault that the previous management thought they should trade a budding 21 year old star in the making.  You can thank Peter Chiarelli and Jim Benning for that.  All three of Seguin’s goals were bombs tonight.  Seguin must be feeling great about his hat trick.  I wonder if he can talk Lindy Ruff into letting the team stay the night in Boston instead of flying out tonight so he can make the rounds and maybe hand out a Tyler Seguin t-shirt or two to a couple lucky ladies.  Boo Dougie Hamilton, not Tyler Seguin.

3. Refs are inconsistent with interference penalty calls

Brad Marchand was called for an interference penalty in the third period that was bad.  The puck was coming up along the boards and Jason Spezza reached for the puck and Marchand hit him.  It actually looked like Spezza’s stick touched the puck.  The Stars scored a goal on the power play opportunity to make it 5-2 and put the game out of reach.  Earlier in the game Zac Ronaldo tipped a puck past Jordie Benn.  Benn turned and put his stick across Ronaldo’s stick and in front of his body (stick parallel with the ice) to prevent Ronaldo getting to the open puck.  This does not get called very often as interference, but if the refs are not going to call one, how can they call the other.  A little consistency would be nice.  It just amazes me with all of the half ass hooks and slashes that get called in today’s NHL that what Benn did to Ronaldo was not a penalty.  To make matters worse Ronaldo did not get to the puck and it ended up on Tyler Seguin’s stick and in the back of the net for his second goal of the game.


  • Maybe it is just me, but does it seem like 95% of Colin Miller’s shots are blocked?  He did score his first NHL goal tonight, but it seems like a high percentage of his shots get blocked.  I know he is a rookie, but he needs to find a way to get his shots through.
  • To make the loss to Dallas worse the Bruins lost Chris Kelly to a broken leg and he will be out the rest of the season.  Kelly has most likely played his last game in a Bruins uniform.  Say what you want about Kelly and his cap hit, but he is a glue player and leader on this team.  He is a valuable asset that can play just about anywhere in the lineup.  He just happened to be overpaid.
  • The Bruins outshot Dallas 39 to 19.  Ouch.  At one point when it was 4-2 the shots were 31-16. 4 Dallas goals on 16 shots is ridiculously good. But what stings is the Bruins were content to get the puck low, send it back to the point, and fire low percentage bombs all game.  I’m all for using the points but at some point you have to attack the net.  They were content on letting pucks fly over the net and not press or make Kari Lehtonen’s job difficult.  They just didn’t seem to be all that aggressive in attacking.  When less than stellar Lehtonen puts up those numbers you know you didn’t battle hard enough.