Tyler Seguin will return to the TD Garden ice tonight when his Dallas Stars come to Boston.  And leading up to the beginning of the NHL season Boston-based entertainment website Barstool Sports featured Tyler Seguin in their new “The Life” series.  It’s essentially a web version of the old school MTV show “Cribs”.  I have to say it is awesome.  Despite the “interesting personality” of the blonde hosting the show, you really get to see Tyler Seguin’s personality.

Unfortunately, that personality was either not allowed, or filtered out, by the Bruins.  The only Boston sports star that gets away with Seguin’s type of personality is Rob Gronkowski.  If Seguin was still a Bruin he and Gronk would have been a dynamic smoke show slaying duo in the city of Boston for the next decade.  Co-eds, young professional women, and cougar moms would have had to watch out.  It would have been fun the see.

Take about 25 minutes of your day to watch all 3 parts of Seguin’s “The Life” video: The Life with Tyler Seguin (Part 1)

Again, the shows host Sophie Julia, to take a phrase from Barstool, is a smokeshow and it does not take Seguin very long to turn on the charm.  It is fantastic that his refrigerator is filled with Bud Light and he has a half gallon of Fireball in his freezer.  Perfect hydration after playing a grueling NHL game.  Tyler talks the painfully annoying Sophie Julia into taking a shot of Fireball with him.  She does what any normal human does with a shot.  She sips on it like a clown.

I like how Seguin is so nonchalant with some of his comments, such as when Sophie Julia puts the shot down and says she will “save if for later” and Tyler says, “what’s happening later?”.  That cracked me up.

Link: The Life with Tyler Seguin (Part 2)

In part 2 we learn more important things, like that Tyler can get ready for a night out in 15 to 20 minutes.  A real highlight of the segment is when they are going through the “lost and found closet” (or as I call it “Seguin’s Trophy Room”) and Sophie Julia pulls out a random bra and says, “small boobies.”  Tyler’s response is priceless as he states, “those probably were not for me, I am a big boob guy.”

We also learned that Michael Del Zotto is living with Tyler for the summer.  That’s gotta be rough hanging out poolside all day at Seguin’s mansion.  I love the fact that we see someone sent him a box of woman shirts with his name on it.  I really think he should give them out to girls as “party favors.”  If Derek Jeter can have a gift bag for groupies then it’s not only an acceptable thing to do, but it’s also classy.

I am not a car guy, so Seguin’s cars he shows off do not mean much to me.  Kind of a waste of money but I get why he does it.  The Ferrari was pretty impressive.

We also learned that Tyler likes to snuggle.  That is 100% a lie but good on him for trying to sell it.

Link: The Life with Tyler Seguin (Part 3)

In the third segment Seguin has to name his dream “wolfpack”.  I have to say his selection of “Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, and Mila Kunis” is atrocious.  13-year-old girls don’t even want that.  Those choices alone could get him traded by any team and some day we may find out that’s exactly what got him shipped out of Boston.  But I get where his head is at.  The opportunity to get with Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis, or both, would be worth it.

For all you single guys out there take note of the phone pick up line Seguin describes as a go-to move.  That kind of quiet confidence works.

He had a good reaction to Sophie Julia bringing up that he is not the best looking player on the Stars anymore with the addition of Patrick Sharp, saying he was single so he should be ranked higher than Sharp, but gives Sharp the nod for having better hair.

Overall, Barstool did a great job.  This was solid stuff.  The only area it could have been better is if they used a different host.  Yes, Sophie Julia is hot but she lacked the (verbal) talent to really knock it out of the park.

Seguin certainly seems even younger than he really is by his demeanor and how he talks but it was all in good fun and entertaining nonetheless.  This is something Barstool is good at any way you cut it.  I cannot wait to watch Seguin tomorrow night as I tear up thinking of what could have been in Boston.  Let’s hope the Bruins down wet themselves and shut him and Jamie Benn down and keep their winning streak alive.

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