(Source: CSNNE.com) – BOSTON – The Bruins will embark on a grueling three-game road trip through Washington, Montreal and Brooklyn over the next week, and they’ll be doing it without Chris Kelly, obviously, and now David Pastrnak as well. The 19-year-old missed Tuesday night’s loss to Dallas with a contusion in his foot after blocking a shot in last week’s blowout win over Arizona, and now will remain in Boston when the team leaves for the three Eastern Conference dates on the road.

So Pasta will be out of the lineup for a few games.  I’m not too excited about this.  His blend of offensive skill and speed is a rarity on the Bruins roster so not having that dynamic on the ice is never a good thing.  But there is one personal positive that Pastrnak can take from this injury; hit the reset button.

Pastrnak has 2 goals and 4 assists in 10 games to start the season.  The issue he’s facing is that in the last 5 games he’s only had 1 point.  In the first 5 games he had 5 points.  I understand that the injury he’s dealing with certainly hampered his ability to put up points.  He just wasn’t quite himself after blocking that shot against Arizona.  But you have to wonder if the injury was also starting to get in his head and affect his production as well.

You have to take into consideration Pastrnak is only 19 years old.  He hasn’t had to deal with injuries much in his young career.  And nagging injuries from pucks, like blocking shots, can be extremely frustrating.  The frustration can creep into your game.  Just ask Adam McQuaid and Brett Connolly about those flukey type of injuries.  They can play games with your head.  So while Pastrnak’s physical abilities have been limited he also has a mental battle to win with this injury that he hasn’t faced much.  

True goal scorers have that natural instinct you can’t teach.  The instinct and feel takes over and you ride those waves when you’re on them.  The last thing the Bruins want Pastrnak to do is grip the stick too tight, over think, and have that “blocked shot” in the head of a finesse player.  Healing his foot will happen but keeping his teenage confidence up and eyes on the long 82 game journey the Bruins are on will be just as important.  

Once Pastrnak returns I hope he will have hit the reset button and forgets about the unfortunate injury.  The Bruins will certainly need him to hit the ice fresh and get back to his sniping ways.