(Source: CBS Sports) –  Bruins president Cam Neely joined Felger & Mazz on Thursday, and considering it came just two days after Tyler Seguin torched the B’s with a hat trick at the Garden, Seguin was naturally a main talking point….. “I think looking back, we probably could have done some things differently with Tyler. You’ve got a young kid coming in, maybe we could have handled his living arrangements a little different and stuff like that, that we’ve talked about over the years. It’s something we certainly are addressing currently, and in the future we will continue to address.”

Well color me surprise!  I don’t believe it!  You mean to tell me that the big bad Boston Bruins, coming off a Stanley Cup championship in 2011, and another Finals appearance in 2013, whose stock with their fan base was at an all-time high, could have slowed down a bit and weathered the storm with party boy Tyler Seguin?  They could have altered his living arrangements and worked with him while he matured into a better player and better person?  I don’t believe it.  Chicago would never take that chance with Patrick Kane.  They’d never win three Stanley Cups in six years if they kept Kane and all of his baggage.  Gotta trade him and move on.  Oh wait….

Look, I’m not even going to write about this trade any more.  It’s exhausting.  It’s the worst trade in the history of the Boston Bruins organization.  It was as if the “Trade Gods” came full circle decades after Boston swindled the Vancouver Canucks for Cam Neely and finally made them pay for it.  I’m just glad Neely publicly said in the most P.C. way possible it was a bad move.  And I’ll always love Loui Eriksson.  I love him as a Bruin, love his game, love the guy.  But they needed a 1st round pick or two and a young NHL ready defenseman packaged with him and it didn’t happen.

So instead let’s just focus on getting one goal on Braden Holtby tonight and go from there.  Start with one.  The Bruins were shutout all three times they played Holtby last season.  That trend has to stop tonight.