Tonight the Bruins got off to a flying start.  Chara scored a goal about a minute and a half into the game.  Then they got a power play goal by Ryan Spooner later on in the 1st period to go up 2-0.  During the first TV timeout Patrick Roy laid into his Avalanche team on the bench and that was the end of it for the Bruins.  The Avalanche out played them for the rest of the game.  Colorado scored two goals to close out the 1st period, one from old friend Carl Soderberg, and the game was tied going into the intermission.  Colorado took the lead in the 3rd period on a Matt Duchene goal and that was the game.  Here are’s 3 thoughts:

1. Looks like Gabriel Landeskog is going to be suspended.

In the second period Gabriel Landeskog hit Brad Marchand with a blind side hit.  Luckily, Marchand got up and punched him in the face and was not hurt.  It was similar to the Matt Cooke hit on Marc Savard, but no where near the viciousness.  Marchand had released the puck and Landeskog came from an angle that was behind Marchand and hit him.  I do not think Landeskog was targeting the head, and maybe I am naive, but I think most players are not targeting the head on hits anymore.  Either way this hit was stupid.  There is no need for Landeskog or anyone in the league to make that hit.  It really does not make any sense at all.  The puck was released on a dump in.  Instead of making a pointless hit get ready to break out of your zone.  That hit was just dumb.

2. Bruins need to be better 5-on-5

I know we have said this before but the Bruins just do not generate enough 5-on-5.  The Bruins scored an even strength goal tonight, but just one.  It is one thing to not score 5-on-5, but they just are not generating enough scoring chances.  I think this is where they miss Pastrnak the most.  He is a skilled player and he is able to create at even strength.  Maybe they have too many of the same type of players and that is also where Pastrnak changes things.  They need to put more pressure on the other team’s defense to make mistakes just like other teams do to them.

3. Bruins need to start winning at home

Tonight was a winnable game. I could not tell you why the Bruins are so bad at home, maybe because their wives are in the stands and they are gripping their sticks too tight.  I do not know but it needs to stop.  They are on the longest home stand of the season right now.  All of the games are against teams they should be able to have some success against (Detroit, San Jose, Minnesota, and Toronto).  Other than Minnesota all that games should be wins.  Remember if a team is in a playoff spot on Thanksgiving there is a good chance they will be there at the end of the season.  This stretch of games are very important.


  • The penalty kill has looked much better the last two games and with the return of Dennis Seidenberg it should get a boost.  Hopefully they can keep this up.
  • 2 minutes to go and down a goal Claude Julien had his high powered offensive juggernaut 4th line of Kemppainen, Rinaldo, and Randell on the ice.  When some one can explain that to me and have it sound like it makes sense I’ll listen.  Go ahead and try.