(SOURCE: TSN.com – Darren Dreger) –  Teams reach out to the Boston Bruins from time to time to check in on the availability of goaltender Malcolm Subban.  With Tuukka Rask signed long-term and the addition of Zane McIntyre to the Bruins family in Providence, there is reason to believe a rebuilding team like Toronto or Arizona would have interest in Subban.  Neither Subban nor McIntyre, in his first year of pro hockey, is off to a stellar start. Both have a sub .900 save percentage while sharing the crease with Boston’s AHL farm team in Providence. Still, many around the NHL see Subban as being close to ready in his goal to be an NHL starter

I LOVE this little tidbit from TSN’s Darren Dreger.  Bruins goalie prospect Malcolm Subban, a former 1st round pick in 2012 and brother of P.K. Subban who plays somewhere in the province of Quebec, has no chance of unseating Tuukka Rask for the starting job so why not send him somewhere else?  It makes sense.  It makes more sense than Chiarelli actually drafting him in the first place.

To be fair to Subban, he is a talented prospect with a lot of upside and goaltenders in the NHL can be great one season then fizzle out the next.  A lot of times with young goalies, much like catchers in MLB, it takes years into their mid-to-late 20’s before they fully turn into what you hoped.  You just never really know what you’re going to get from the position outside of the few 5 or 6 elite tenders in the league.  And some of those current elite goalies were initially seen as long shots, like Henrik Lundqvist (6th round pick), Pekka Rinne (the last pick of the 8th round), and Ryan Miller (a 5th round pick).  Which is why burning a 1st round pick on a goalie is a dangerous move nowadays.

If the Bruins are going to trade Subban then the return clearly has to be a highly touted defenseman.  Either a young proven NHL-er on the rise, or the top defensive prospect from the other team.  The Bruins can not get depth forward ponies in return (i.e.: Fraser, Smith) for a potential stud like they did in the Seguin deal.

I’m not sure who the specific potential target would be for Boston but Subban is the best asset, along with Khoklachev, that could be shipped out for a nice return. There are are plenty of teams in need of goalie depth and help.  And if the Bruins can find the right match for Subban then they most certainly should pull the trigger on that deal.