Today the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens released their alumni game rosters for their matchup against each other on December 31st.  The game is part of the Winter Classic festivities where the real Bruins and Habs will face off at Gillette Stadium on New Years Day.  This alumni game may go down as the most heated battle in the history of alumni games.  Here’s a look at both teams rosters that were just released:

The most notable thing about the roster selection is that Stanley Cup hero Tim Thomas is not listed on the Bruins roster.  Back in the summer I wrote how I felt Tim Thomas should get an invite to the alumni game for all his spectacular efforts to bring the Stanley Cup back to Boston.  Put all the personal feelings aside you may have about the way he went out and some of the things he may have said or done, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t be on the ice.  It really sucks to be honest with you.

We probably won’t know for some time if Thomas was offered an invite.  Knowing what we do about him I’d have to guess, and it’s purely a guess, that he was invited but declined to attend.  It’s unfortunate that he won’t be in that game like he deserves to be.  At the same time it’s just an exhibition and many ex-pros move on to other things in their lives after the game has passed them by.  To some it was a job, a mental and physical grind, that burnt them out.

Still, it would have been awesome to see him suit up one more time.  The alumni game should be pretty entertaining to watch and it would have been more so with him in net.  Even if Tim Thomas didn’t want to actually play he should at least fly back purely for us to get a glimpse of that sweet mustache again and receive a standing ovation.  That would have made the weekend perfect.