(Source: CSNNE.com) – “I mean it’s a little disappointing. Obviously everybody saw the knee to the head. The comments on Hank were very inappropriate. The way Hank conducts himself, on the ice, away from the rink, off the ice, the example that he sets. Who would you rather have as a son, Henrik Lundqvist or Brad Marchand? For him to say things like that about Hank, totally wrong, and probably Claude is getting a little older and needs to check his eyesight.”

Wow, Alain.  That’s the best line you could come up with after consulting your PR staff?  Claude Julien made a funny, yet truthful, hockey comment about Henrik Lundqvist diving.  So Alain comes back today with a way off base personal comment about who would you want to be your son, Lundqvist or Brad Marchand?  If we’re counting Cup rings, Alain, then I’d go with Brad Marchand. Only sour losers like Vigneault respond like he did. 

Alain Vigneault is 0-2 in the Stanley Cup Finals.  He’s had the best goalie in the league at the time he went to the Finals both times.  Still didn’t matter.  Because he’s soft as cream cheese.  When Roberto Luongo was salty in 2011 Cup Finals because his “tires weren’t being pumped” like Tim Thomas’s were it was a direct reflection of his coach; i.e.:  we lost so let’s get personal because we can’t handle it.  Can’t win on the ice?  No problem.  Just get personal, Alain.  That should distract everyone from you coming up short repeatedly.

I don’t question Alain Vigneault’s X and O knowledge of the game.  He knows his stuff.  But whenever he comes out with one of his personal shots he just sounds like the bitter loser.  The guy with talent who hasn’t willed his troops to the next level.  Instead, we are asking who would we want as our son.  Because that really matters, right?  Win one for once Alain then say whatever you want.