(Source: CSNNE.com) – “I think it’s pretty obvious what I said . . . I thought Lundqvist sold it,” said Julien. “Not for a second did I ever question Henrik Lundqvist as a person, or a goaltender or any of that. We all know how good he is as a goaltender, and I know he’s a good person. I’ve met him at the All-Star games and all that stuff.”

Finally, Claude brings everyone back from Crazytown and resets the universe to normalcy.  As we all know over the weekend New York Rangers coach Alain Vigneault made a moronic personal attack on Brad Marchand and Claude Julien all because Claude truthfully spoke his thoughts on Henrik Lundqvist’s dramatics.  Julien thought Lundqvist took a dive in their game against Boston on Friday night, which he did. 

After Vigneault’s comments Saturday Claude Julien fired backed at Vigneault on Sunday.  And once again spoke the truth while also speaking highly of Henrik Lundqvist as a person.  On Saturday I wrote that Alain Vigneault sounded like a bitter loser (2011, cough, cough..) by taking the personal route.  He sounded like a guy who loses.  Claude sounds like a guy who’s just trying to make sure the point he made about Lundqvist diving isn’t misconstrued as something personal about the goalie.  He sounds like a guy who’s got some legitimate real estate in Vigneault’s head.

Julien doesn’t have time for personal attacks.  He doesn’t even think to go there.  He’s too busy not losing to Alain Vigneault.  He’s too busy using logic and telling it how it is.  After Claude’s recent quote it’ll be interesting to see if Vigneault comes back at him this week with comments about women, children and Bruins players extended family members as well.  

Yes, I’m kidding.  But we’ll see.