You didn’t think we’d let you forget this glorious moment on the 20th anniversary of it happening did you?  The Patrick Roy meltdown.  I remember watching this game vividly.  Patrick Roy, left in net for nine, yes NINE, Detroit Red Wings goals before then coach Mario Tremblay finally pulled him.  It was an unreal thing to watch.  A legendary star goalie who’d led the franchise to two Stanley Cups getting disrepected, at home no less, by his own coach.  Four days later Patrick Roy was traded to the Colorado Avalanche, along with Mike Keane, for Jocelyn Thibault, Martin Rucinsky, and Andrei Kovalenko.  It was a horrible trade.

Fast forward a few months after the meltdown and Patrick Roy would be sipping champagne out of the Stanley Cup with his new team in Colorado.  He would go on to win another Stanley Cup with the Avalanche as well; the year Ray Bourque finally got his ring.  The Montreal franchise was set back many years by the bad trade.  They burned through goalie after goalie, all because of a strained relationship between Patrick Roy and coach Mario Tremblay.  Tremblay only coached one more year in Montreal, a sub-.500 season, and both years as coach his Habs were beaten in the first round of the playoffs.

22 years and counting since the last time the Montreal Canadiens won Stanley Cup.  And probably 20 years ago today was the biggest reason that streak has continued to this day.

Here’s a great video of how it all went down that fateful December 2nd, 1995: