The Bruins play the Edmonton Oilers tonight in Edmonton.  It is the first meeting between the two teams since former General Manager Peter Chiarelli took over in Edmonton.  Here at we have not hidden our opinion on what state Chiarelli left the Bruins.  His mismanagement of the salary cap put current GM Don Sweeney in a very difficult situation and over the summer while Sweeney was getting blasted by the media Chiarelli was getting praised for his work in Edmonton.

Edmonton has been one of the worst franchises in the NHL in the past handful of years.  Since 2007 they have had 8 top ten picks.  And 4 of those 8 picks being 1st overall in Taylor Hall (2010), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (2011), Nail Yakupov (2012), and this past summer Connor McDavid.

With all this top end talent Edmonton still has the worst record in the NHL this year.  If Edmonton wins the draft lottery again this year I will go freaking bananas.  If at any time NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman needs to take a page out of the “How to be a corrupt Pro Sports League” by Roger Goodell it would be now.  If Edmonton ends up with the worst record in the NHL this year Mr. Bettman needs to rig the lottery so Edmonton does not get the first overall pick.

If you hooked Commissioner Bettman up to a lie detector and asked him if he wanted Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel to go to Edmonton he would say “hell no.”  No one wants to play there.  If anything, Bettman wanted McDavid in Arizona to dramatically boost that market and validate them staying in the desert.  And did you see McDavid’s face when Edmonton won the lottery?  Have a look below:


Does that look like the face of someone happy to just find out that he is going to play in beautiful Edmonton?  

McDavid is going to be a stud.  How is the NHL going to market this kid when he is in the “Great White North”?  This year’s upcoming 2016 projected 1st overall draft  pick, Auston Matthews, is an American player from Arizona.  I am sure Edmonton is just the place the NHL would want Auston Matthews to play…

I am torn.  Tonight, I want the Bruins to win the game for obvious reasons.  I am a Bruins fan and I want them to win every game and I would love to see them stick it to Peter Chiarelli.  But I also do not want Edmonton to win the draft lottery.  I also want to see Chiarelli to fail, but if he fails, the team has a better chance at winning the lottery.  Edmonton does not deserve another “Generational” talented player.

I hope the Bruins beat the Oilers tonight, but the Oilers do enough the rest of the season to not have the worst record in the NHL, so they will not have the best chance to get the first overall pick.  

Go Bruins!