(Source: CSNNE.com) – “I’m going to try to treat it like any other game. It’s a little different when it’s your friends that you’re going up against, but I’ll just try to play my game,” said Hamilton. “I think there will always be a little bit of Boston in me, and I’m thankful for everything they gave me. You spend a couple of years really cheering for them, and dreaming of putting that jersey on when you’re drafted.”

Look, I’m not going to get in depth with the whole Dougie Hamilton soap opera again.  I’m tried of it.  It’s over.  The guy didn’t want to be in Boston and whatever reason he had for wanting out, I really don’t care.  The only thing I will say is he had a pretty interesting quote today in Joe Haggerty’s column that I referenced above.  Dougie states:

“For me when I first came to Boston, I was playing junior before that and hanging out 16-year-olds.  Everybody is kind of going to school, and going to movies together and stuff like that.  When you come to the NHL everybody has families, and you don’t hang out as much at the rink.  Guys are going home to their families and kids.  That’s an adjustment that every young player in the league has to make.”

And?  You didn’t have enough guys to play NHL 13 with after the game?  Yet, you say you experienced “an adjustment that EVERY young player in the league has to make”?  So what are we talking about here?  It was tough for you (and EVERY other player that’s ever entered the NHL)?  I’m not saying it’s not a difficult transition for a kid to make, and I bet Dougie is a great kid, but if you admit every player goes through it what makes your experience so unique?  Like I said, the entire atmosphere around his departure gives me a headache.  I always liked Dougie but I’m done with it.

The bigger focus tonight is the Bruins need to show up on time.  And by “on time” I mean at the opening puck drop.  They rode a nice 5-game win streak into Edmonton on Wednesday night yet showed up with little to no fire for that game.  Once they decided to hammer down in the final 5-7 minutes they dominated and got the goal they needed to salvage 1 point against a crappy, injury plagued team.  That can’t happen tonight.  I get execution isn’t going to be there every night.  Sometimes the bounces just don’t go your way.  Sometimes the other team is better.  But effort and energy can happen every night.  The Bruins can control that and they need to bring it.

Beleskey looks on the cusp of getting off the schnide and burying one tonight with his consistent hard play.  Jonas Gustavsson gets the start in net and the Bruins generally have a nice jump in their step when he’s between the pipes.  And they had the extra day off on the road before tonight to get re-focused.

So here’s to them showing up ready to go tonight.  And since this is text you can’t hear me enthusiastically cracking open a PBR in support of the Bruins as I type this last sentence.

Let’s go B’s!