(Source: FoxSports.com) – The Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League have some charitable fans, as those in attendance for Sunday’s game tossed a record 28,815 bears to the ice during the team’s 21st annual Teddy Bear Toss. The event demolished the organization’s previous world record of 26,919 bears collected during the Hitmen’s 2007 Teddy Bear Toss.   The bears will be donated to charities in and around the Calgary metropolitan area, including the Calgary Food Bank, Salvation Army, Siksika Children’s Services and nearly 50 other organizations. The Hitmen wasted no time getting the distribution going as trucks full of teddy bears started making deliveries on Monday. 

We have a lot of fun on this blog.  We break down games, entertain our readers with humor and sarcasm, and root on our beloved Bruins.  And since we’re all into the “bears” it only seems fitting that I share this amazing video in case you hadn’t seen it yet today.  This year was the 21st annual bear toss in Calgary where after the 1st goal of the WHL’s Calgary Hitmen game fans flood the ice with teddy bears.  This year they had nearly 29,000 teddy bears thrown on the ice.  29,000!

It’s just such a cool video to watch.  And it’s all done in the name charity and good fun.  The game was delayed nearly 40 minutes to pick up all the bears but you have to admit this is awesome.  To make it even better for the home crowd Calgary won in overtime 2-1.  It’s a feel good moment in sports to remind you even though we always want our team to win there’s always bigger everyday battles out there to fight and it’s great to see people pitching in and helping out in a fun way.