This is something we like to do every now and then here at on a day where the Bruins don’t have a game.  We briefly cover a couple of the hot topics trending in the NHL and hockey world and give our take.  So without any delay, here are Boston Pucks Off-Day Thoughts:

1. Canada Needs To Relax About World Juniors Championship 

I enjoy the World Junior Championship every year.  And I want to see the United States perform well and win a medal regardless of whether or not many people in States even know what it is.  But Canada takes it to a whole new level.  If Canada does not win the Gold it is like the earth stopped rotating.  Heaven forbid someone else is good at “their” game.  They are making a 19-year-old kid, Jake Virtanen, their scapegoat for taking a penalty that Finland turned into the game-winning power play goal.

Canada, you need to relax.  There is no reason why a newspaper should print a headline “Goat-Medal Winner” with this picture of Virtanen:wjc

Canada needs to leave the kid alone and let him develop as a hockey player and as a person.  Canada, you should be ashamed of yourself to blame a 19-year-old kid for losing a hockey game.


2. John Scott Should Do The Right Thing

If you do not know, the captains for each division for the All-Star weekend were annouced.  The captains were picked by fan vote.  Arizona Coyotes perennial healthy scratch and enforcer John Scott won the vote to be the Pacific Division captain.

If people do not know who John Scott is he is one of the last true goons left in the NHL.  His dirty hit on Loui Eriksson two seasons ago gave Loui his first concussion and made his first season with the Bruins a wash.

Scott is 6’8″ and 260 pounds.  This year his massive frame has played in 11 games and has just 1 assist.  On most nights he is in the press box eating popcorn and has even cleared waivers to be sent to the AHL.  The guy has played in 285 career NHL games and only has 11 points (5 goals and 6 assists) to show for it.

I do not care if he is a good guy and a good teammate.  Scott should not be in the NHL, let alone the All-Star game.  He should do the right thing and back out of the All-Star game.


3. Reason 2,586,326 Jagr Is Awesome: He’d Rather Go To The Bahamas Than Play All-Star Weekend

Speaking of players going to the All-Star weekend, how can we forget about the recent headline Jaromir Jagr made?  And how can you not love this face?

Jagr, who currently has 28 points (13 goals) in 36 games played this year, is going to be representing the Florida Panthers in the 3-on-3 All-Star games.  How does he really feel about going to the event?  “I would rather be in Florida, trust me,” Jagr said. “Or in the Bahamas”.

Jagr is 43-years-old and been to the All-Star game 9 times already.  I’m sure it’s not the most exciting thing for the future Hall of Fame veteran to be involved in anymore.  A little sunshine, sand, and whatever fun he wants to have while relaxing, would be far more up Jagr’s alley at this point in his career than playing exhibition hockey.

Either way we can always count on Jagr to say something funny or witty.  My personal favorite was when he was on the Bruins on their run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2013.  In the pregame montage it listed who each players favorite player was growing up.  Jagr listed himself as his favorite player:

Bruins Notes:

  • Alexander Khoklachev was just named the AHL Player of the Week.  He had 3 goals and 3 assists in two games.  It’s a nice reminder of how different the level of play really is between the AHL to the NHL.
  • David Pastrnak returned from the World Junior Championship and was then assigned to the Providence Bruins instead of the big club.  I think we were all hoping to see him and his much needed scoring touch in the lineup Tuesday against the Washington Capitals.  No word on if his minor finger injury he received during the World Juniors had anything to do with being sent to the AHL.
  • Jonas Kemppainen is back practicing with the Bruins on the regular.  The 4th line center will certainly cause some shuffling in the lineup when he’s officially good to go.  He’s been taking contact in practice so we may see him as early as tomorrow.