If I were a 1st overall pick in the NHL I’d greet strangers everyday just to let them know.  It’d be added to my drivers license, my birth certificate, I’d wear a foam finger permanently and even get a neck tattoo of it.  Being a 1st overall draft pick puts you in a rare fraternity.  You’ll always have that honor next to your name for the rest of your life, for better or worse (cough, Alexander Daigle, cough).  

Last night 2014 1st overall pick Aaron Ekblad roasted his fraternal 1st overall brother, 2015’s Connor McDavid, with a laugh out loud jab at McDavid’s injury:

Hahaha, I love it!  Absolutely love it.  Ball busting at its finest.  Looks like the two stars were grabbing a bite to eat together before the red hot Florida Panthers take on the Oilers today in Edmonton.

Ekblad is out to an early lead for best NHL tweet of 2016.  Now cue some overly sensitive Canadian McDavid fan to be bothered by their prodigal son being picked on by his buddy.