(Source: CSNNE.com) – While the door was left open at the start of Boston’s current five-game road trip, it doesn’t sound like injured Bruins players David Krejci or Adam McQuaid will be rejoining the B’s in their final two games against the Flyers and Sabres. The Bruins have taken three of a possible six points on the trip thus far, but have scored just nine goals in their five games during the month of January while missing top playmaking center David Krejci.

Page him, text him, do whatever is needed, but some one get Peyton Manning on the phone and tell him we need a dose of the good stuff.  We don’t need a name.  We don’t need a big Narcos-esque shipment.  We just need a number for the guy who can heal two key cogs in the Bruins wheel.

Right now the Boston are missing David Krejci and Adam McQuaid dearly.  It hasn’t been the easiest road without them.  David Krejci went down on December 27th after a harmless looking collision with Ottawa forward Bobby Ryan caused an upper body injury.  Since that Ottawa game in which Krejci left early the Bruins are 2-5.  Adam McQuaid appeared to have suffered a concussion against Washington on a bad (non-call) hit from behind from Zach Sill.  Including that game in which McQuaid left the Bruins are 1-3 since.  No bueno.

As nice of a job as Ryan Spooner is doing on the second line filling in for David Krejci (7 points in 6 games) the lineup has suffered.  Primarily because the injury to Krejci was packaged with a suspension to Brad Marchand and suddenly the grit players are expected to shine.  It shuffled a lot of players around as coach Julien looked for the right combos.  Jonas Kemppainen, although nice fourth line player, has been thrust into the third line center role after being away from the team awhile with injury.  That situation is not going to provide enough sustained offensive the longer Krejci it out.  In the 7 games Krejci has been down the Bruins have scored two or fewer goals in 5 of them.

The absence of Adam McQuaid’s 18-20 minutes a night has been been noticeable as well.  I couldn’t help but think last night that McQuaid would more than likely would have chewed up some of the ice time that went to the struggling Kevan Miller.  For all the complaining that came from social media and beyond about the contract given to McQuaid this past summer he has been a very dependable top 4 defenseman this year and it shows when he’s not playing.

It all goes back to depth and how thin that line is between star power and depth players in the NHL.  Without the proven and reliable play of players like Krejci and McQuaid the Bruins are forced to play lesser talent in crucial spots they aren’t quite capable of filling.  Things may go well for a shift every now and then or even a single game.  But over time the weaknesses are exposed and the team suffers for it.

Time may heal but the Bruins don’t have a lot of it to spare.  The sooner 46 and 54 can get back the sooner the bleeding stops.  And if it comes down to it, I’ll call Peyton Manning if I have to.  Just tell me where the drop is and I’m there.