(Source: Boston Herald) – The Bruins are 2-7-1 in their last 10 games (before beating Buffalo on Friday) and are missing one of their key ingredients in David Krejci.  Now might not be the best time for general manager Don Sweeney to give an assessment of his team….  In short, Sweeney has seen some improvement despite the club’s recent skid, and believes there should be growth to come.  Yet, the GM believes the team could use a couple more pieces, both up front and on defense.   With six prospects from the first two rounds of last year’s draft and two more first-rounders in June, Sweeney has currency to spend before the Feb. 29 trade deadline.  But with the B’s still in building mode, don’t expect him to dish a future consideration for a quick fix.

If you missed Don Sweeney’s interview in the Boston Herald the other day then you better click that source link above and have a read.  He lays out some pretty good information on the state of the Boston Bruins and how he values what they have and don’t have.  As in life, everything has a price.  And The Don is juggling the cost of what’s important now and in the future.

Essentially Sweeney is not willing to sacrifice the future for a band-aid or quick fix.  If he doesn’t see the value in a player beyond this season and even next then he’s probably not going to be interested.  Rentals are not wanted.  At the same time, Sweeney would unload some nice chips if the absolute stud top 4 defenseman or true scoring right wingers became available to them.  That’s a good thing considering the Bruins have a stockpile of highly regarded prospects from the most recent 2015 draft.  They also have some stored away in Providence, and a pair of 1st round picks for this summer sitting on the shelf as well.  The organization is positioned well to be flexible for different situations.

“I think we’re of the mindset to improve our team, now and going forward,” Sweeney said during Wednesday’s 3-2 loss in Philadelphia. “We certainly addressed a lot of the forward things in the summertime last year and we’re in a position with two first-rounders to go in a couple of different directions. But I think to have some patience in that regard would benefit the organization overall, not to be too aggressive there, unless it’s an absolute missing piece we feel will help us now and going forward.”

Don Sweeney gets that in the modern salary cap NHL the free range, farm raised product that you produce yourself is what’s absolutely necessary.  You can’t load up on rentals and buy your way to a Cup like the pre-cap era NHL.  He’s going to be patient, much like he was in wisely not signing Cody Franson, and make sure they’re doing things with development and the big picture always in sight.  That can be a frustrating thing for some fans but it’s the right thing to do for long-term success.

The Bruins performance over the next couple of weeks will significantly dictate the moves and direction Sweeney goes in.  If they fall into a tail spin and plummet out of the playoff picture you’ll likely see some of their pieces up for sale in an effort to do some house cleaning.  If they stay in the playoff picture, which they should, and get back to their winning ways Sweeney may roll the dice on what he’s got or maybe flip some chips to another team in free fall that are looking to sell off some high end assets.

Either way, Sweeney is doing the right thing by utilizing patience and valuing their prospects and development above all when it comes to this Bruins team with a lot of youth and learning to do.  And if he handles the next few weeks and months correctly the future in Boston could be brighter than we all thought much sooner than we expected.