Uhhh, that’s not a good look there, Dennis.  

Former Boston Bruin defenseman Dennis Wideman, heading back to the bench after taking a pretty good shot from Nashville Predator forward Mikka Salomaki, just lays the wood on linesman Don Henderson tonight in Calgary.

If you just watched the video of the incident above for the hit itself it could be taken as something accidental.  And it probably should be.  Wideman has always been a clean player and intending to hit a linesman is certainly out of his character.  But when you watch the entire sequence it’s also fair to wonder if Wideman may have had some intent there.

After Wideman took the initial hit in the corner and appeared to be a little stung on the play he looked none too pleased about it.  As he labors to the bench Henderson starts drifting in his direction and there was time during Wideman’s slow stroll to see that Henderson may back into his path.  Instead, Wideman doesn’t seem to expect it and throws a good ol’ fashioned cross check from behind on the stripes.  That’s a good 2 minutes if it’s on the opposition.  But it was a liney, and that’s no bueno.

I can’t believe I’m saying this again after watching the Bruins breakout last night but that looked a bit ugly.  Now was it intentional?  I don’t think there was intent there on Wideman’s part to get the linesman as he’s heading back to the bench.  But, I do think in the final few feet before the bench when Wideman is gassed, banged up, and the contact with Henderson is unavoidable, that he doesn’t care.  He throws up the cross check no matter who would be there because he just wants to get to the bench.  Unfortunately it was Henderson.  Wideman’s last second quick feet and body movement does show he was surprised the linesman was in his path.

But hey… if he dies, he dies.