Last night during the Bruins 7-3 victory over the Dallas Stars, 6’4″ monster of a man Adam McQuaid took on fellow tough guy Antoine Roussel in a fight.  And we got a brief reminder of how deadly #54’s punches can be.  

Most hockey fights you see the combatants throw wildly and often many shots miss.  McQuaid however is precise, and what’s most dangerous about the power of his punches is he’s throwing them like he’s aiming a foot through the opponents head.  The upper cut McQuaid threw near the end of the bout particularly stands out.  

It’s no surprise that Roussel “slipped” and hit the deck right after McQuaid got his helmet off.  Shortly after the fight the Bruins took over the game and the Dallas crowd was silenced. 

Since we have to wait until tomorrow night for the B’s next game, watching this fight on loop should hold us over for the time being.  Enjoy: