The Bruins had a case of the Monday’s tonight and lost to the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets 6-4.  It didn’t seemed like the B’s wanted to follow up a really good effort against the Stars on Saturday night and make it two in a row.  The Bruins did however get 2 goals each from Matt Beleskey and Loui Eriksson.  Jonas Gustavsson took the loss between the pipes.

Here are’s 3 thoughts:

1) Oh The Refs Were At It Again

Late in the 3rd period Brad Marchand knocked the puck out of the air with a high stick and before the whistle could blow Marchand had entered Columbus’ zone with a chance to get a shot off.  After the whistle blew, Marchand showing a bit of frustration, shot the puck against the boards in the opposite direction of the players on the ice.  The refs determined that it was worth tossing Marchand out of the game with a misconduct penalty.  Marchand did not shoot the puck lightly at the boards, but he also did not rip it either.  In fact he basically shot it on the ice away from the play.  How the refs determined throwing Marchand out of the game for that I have no idea.  It’s a call that’s only made during a squirt game because you’re that local ref trying to make the game about you.  In this case, there was 4:16 left in a game involving professional athletes.  It was a terrible call and they took the Bruins best goal scorer out of the game at a time they needed a goal.

Also, in the 3rd period a Columbus player flipped the puck out of the rink in his own zone, it went over the glass without touching anything but the linesman said it was deflected.  Replay showed that it went over the glass without any deflection and it should have been a penalty and a power play for the Bruins.  And missed calls were going both ways.  Dennis Seidenberg got away with a trip on Brandon Saad in the 3rd period that could have been a penalty shot, but no call.

I guess it was not all bad for the refs.  A goal for each teams was challenged by the opposing team for goalie interference.  The Bruins challenged goal was on Loui’s first of the night when he had a foot in the crease when the puck went off his skate and in.  It could be argued that Loui’s stationary foot prevented Korpasalo to make the save but the contact was very light and the goal was good.  On Brandon Saads’ 3rd period goal Scott Hartnell went to shoot the puck but caught Seidenberg’s loose stick, which went flying toward Gustavsson and hit him across the mask right when Saad was burying it.  The Bruins challenged and it was determined a good goal.  On both of those I thought the refs actually made the right call.  But overall it was another night in the NHL where we’re all guessing what the call will be because consistency is a rarity amongst the officials.

2) Yet Another Home Loss

Whatever the Bruins are doing when they are home with their families needs to change.  The Bruins home record is now a poor 12-15-3.  It is actually amazing how bad they play at home.  Most of these guys are multi-millionaires.  If their wife tells them to get up in the middle of the night to deal with the crying baby, or change a diaper, or any other duty they should get a full time nanny and have the nanny do it.  Wife wants you to walk the dog?  Nope, hire a dog walker.  Just stick the team in a hotel up in New Hampshire, tell them it’s a roadie, and have them bussed in for the game.  Whatever it takes, get it done.

They need to be fully rested and ready to go when the puck drops, not checking off items on the “honey-do” list.  Maybe the Bruins cannot focus because all of their hot wives are doing a fashion show tomorrow night?  They are thinking about what their wives are going to be wearing and thanking former GM Peter Chiarelli for trading Tyler Seguin to keep him away from the ladies.  The wives fashion show is like shooting fish in a barrel for Seguin.

3) Gustavsson Was Not A Monster Tonight

Gus was leaking like an old faucet tonight and it wasn’t pretty.  From the start he was fighting the puck and everything seemed to be a challenge.  Even when low shots came in clean and he had a good look at them he still had a jumpiness about him.

I thought it really showed how rattled he was with his reaction to the Brandon Saad goal where he got hit in the mask by Seidenberg’s loose stick.  It was in no way goalie interference just because Hartnell accidentally shot a stick that hit him, but seeing Gus go bananas over the play was proof enough the wheels had come off his bus.  Although giving up 5 goals on 34 shots (.853 sv%) is usually enough evidence it wasn’t a great night.  Gus’s meltdown defined his outing.


  • Loui’s goals tonight gave him 8 in the last 9 games.  His trade value is spiking significantly.
  • Matt Beleskey has 3 goals in the past two games.  Not a big surprise that he showed up tonight at all.
  • Brett Connolly had 6 points in 6 games coming into tonight but was held pointless against the Blue Jackets.
  • David Pastrnak took a big hit during his first shift of the game.  After that he was one of the Bruins better players all game.  He was creating chances on almost every shift and ended up with 2 assist tonight.