When I was in elementary school we’d usually play kick ball at recess.  And there was one classmate, that has remained a close friend of mine to this day, who would foul out at least once every game.  You could stack the entire defense on the third base line like a David Ortiz defensive shift and scream at him to just kick it towards a wide open first base.  He’d still kick it foul towards third base, four times in a row, for the out.  There was nothing you could do to change him.  It happened every game.

Tonight, Zac Rinaldo fouled out again.

Per the Providence Bruins official Twitter feed earlier Friday evening:

Rinaldo was down in Providence tonight after being waived by the big boy hockey Bruins while his 5-game NHL suspension for an illegal shot to the head he threw waits to kick in.  But you just can’t make this shit up.  In his first game in Providence he does the same thing again.

I haven’t seen the clip of the hit yet and I don’t even have to.  Dig his Bruins grave.  He’s done.

I’m not sure the official course of business that needs to happen for Rinaldo to leave town but I have to assume Sweeney and crew are starting that process now.  In 52 games played for the Boston Bruins he had put up just 3 points along with 83 penalty minutes, and missed his one time to shine when Adam McQuaid was hit from behind right in front of him and he did nothing to defend his teammate.

Like a Randy Moss (minus the skill part) you can only control some ones natural behavior for so long.  Unless they completely change on their own the stupid “mistake” will happen again.  Lengthy stretches of not producing, then getting waived, then a deadline trade for another forward plus the call up to Noel Acciari was a pile of red flags for Rinaldo.  Now getting kicked out of a game and facing another suspension sorta seals the deal.  Ron Hextall is probably smoking a $500 cigar and laughing down in Philadelphia as he looks over scouting reports debating who to take with the 3rd round pick he stole from Don Sweeney for his exiled Rinaldo.

Everyone was playing the third base line on Rinaldo this year.  He just had tap it down to first and take his singles.

Couldn’t do it.  He’s out again.