Well color me surprise, the Bruins gave away a point tonight!  Who woulda thunk it?!  Loui Eriksson and David Pastrnak scored for the B’s while they pretty much snoozed their way through the entire game.  In an 82 game season you’ll have some rough nights but tonight was the worst of them. 

Screw it.  Let’s get to it.  Here are BostonPucks.com 3 thoughts from that dud:

1) Bruins Love To Sleep Through These Types of Games

That was our pregame tweet.  It only makes sense that this version of the Bruins would come out of the gate slow and continue to snooze through most of it.  Home game?  Check.  Non-playoff opponent?  Check.  Just beat a really good team the other night?  Check.  Perfect recipe to mail it in.  Ugly stuff all around from the get go.

Patrice Bergeron took two penalties in the first period and the pace early just wasn’t where it needed to be.  No surprise the TD Garden crowd was more into their phones than looking up at the “action packed” game.

I’ll give the Bruins some credit, over time it picked up in bursts as they attacked an inexperienced Carolina blue line.  After the early power play goal the Canes did not have one even strength shot on net in the entire first period and into the second.  The B’s still controlled a lot of the play but the killer instinct wasn’t there all night.  Spotting the Canes the 1-0 lead wasn’t all that fun either, and avoidable if they had they came out with an ounce of jump.

2) Pasta’s Shot Is So Damn Good

What else can you say about this laser beam?

David Pastrnak scored that beauty no-look snipe tonight that completely obliterated Cam Ward’s water bottle.  Once this kid figures out how to play in the d-zone and gets his “man weight” as he exits his teenage years he’s going to be a pretty scary force up front.  But until then he’s still going to have to earn his minutes in Claude’s world.  With just six minutes remaining in the game and a game breaking goal needed only rookie Noel Acciari and Brett Connolly had less total ice time all night than 88.

Tonight’s highlight lamp lighter was Pastrnak’s 10th of season and had he not battled a broken foot earlier in the year you’d have to think he’d be sniffing the 20-goal mark fairly easily by seasons end.

3) Noah Hanifin Woulda Looked Good In Black n’ Gold

Two assists, nearly 18 minutes of ice time, and an all around great game for the NHL rookie.  Hard to believe the kid was playing college hockey in Boston last year and tonight he helps lead his Canes team to victory against the local pro team.

I’ll always dream of Hanifin in a Bruins sweater after Don Sweeney traded ol’ Dougie Hamilton for a package of draft picks that would hopefully sweeten the pot enough to move up and draft the young stud D-man.  But it didn’t work out.  Instead, Hanifin has done very well in Carolina in his 64 games there and the future is only going to get brighter.  Tonight we got to see what could have been. 


  • No extras tonight.  Mailing it in like the Bruins.  Just picking and choosing when I want to show up.