Everyone seems to have an opinion on Jimmy Vesey not signing with the Nashville Predators (the team who drafted him) after completing his senior season at Harvard and opting to become a free agent.  So I’ll give you mine. 

He made the right decision.  It’s not complicated either.  

Most NHL players have to wait 7+ years to become a legit free agent.  Why should Vesey not take advantage of that option from day one of his professional career?  29 other teams can offer him the same money as Nashville AND he can pick his landing spot.  It’s a no brainer.  

Of course I want Vesey to be a Bruin. I tweeted at him the second the news broke of his upcoming free agency endeavor that the (cursed) #19 jersey is waiting for him in the Bruins lockeroom. But, if I grew up in Massachusetts as a lifelong New England hockey superstar, and half the studs I grew up battling with are in the Bruins system, that’s where I’d want to be.  Who wouldn’t want to play for their childhood dream team? 

David Poile and the Nashville Predators can cry all they want but Vesey is within every right given to him to do what he wants.  And stop taking whatever PR spin the Preds try to sell at face value.  Just because good intentioned people in their organization are collectively butt hurt doesn’t mean what they’re saying is true.  We may never know what went down.  Teams themselves constantly tell players they won’t be traded, they’ll be taken care of, etc. only to get dumped like the meat market the NHL is.  It’s a business first and Vesey did business.  

There ya go.  I did it.  Solved the whole issue for you.  Move on.  

The only thing I’d say going forward is that the next time the CBA is negotiated they should work in a compensatory draft pick for teams like Predators when this situation arises.  That would be a welcome addition to help protect teams who are in this same vulnerable situation. 

Until then, no one should complain about this situation.

Welcome (sorta) to Boston, Jimmy!