Wow.  Finally a good effort from the Bruins.  Hopefully it is not too late though.  The Bruins took advantage of a tired Detroit Red Wings team and blew them out of the TD Garden, 5-2.  The B’s showed up for a big game and they looked like a team that is gearing up for the playoffs.  They played with passion and intensity.

The Bruins got goals from David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand in the first 2:44 in the first period.  Torey Krug scored a power play goal in the second period.  In the third period Lee Stempniak and Loui Eriksson each scored within the first minute of the period.

Here are’s 3 thoughts on the game:

1. The Only Given With The Bruins Is There Is No Given

Here is my text (in green) from earlier in the day regarding the forecast for the Bruins tonight: 
That’s this team.  Playing against New Jersey?  Ehhhhh, let’s take the night off.  Playing against Carolina after they’ve traded you one of their better defenseman and dumped Staal and Versteeg?  Ehhhhh, not interested in showing up.  Oh, Detriot is about to eliminate us from the playoffs??  Okay fine, let’s do this!  The Bruins don’t make a lot of sense.

I was indifferent all day.  Of course I thought they could win but if you felt they would win you’re probably crazy.  But, if you’re surprised by what you saw tonight you shouldn’t be.  They’ve picked and chosen when they wanted to show up all season.  There is no logic to what they do and when they do it.  I mean shots were a lopsided 23-13 in favor of the Bruins, scoring chances were 14-7 as well, after two periods.  The B’s just came out ready to go and stayed on the gas.

And because of their season long inconsistency, tonight still may not be enough to get the Bruins in the post season.

2. Brad Marchand wins a well deserved 7th Player Award

Every season the fans vote for the Bruins 7th player award.  Basically it is the fan’s choice of who is the MVP for the Bruins season.  This year Brad Marchand won the award and I have to say it is well deserved.  Marchand is currently is sitting at 37 goals, which is a career high.  No Bruin has scored 37 goals in a season since Glen Murray had 44 in 2002-2003 season.

Brad Marchand is the energy leader of this team.  And he has been very consistent all year.  In previous seasons he has been a streaky scorer, but this year he has been the most consistent goal scorer on this Bruins team.  Marchand did have the streak of 12 games in January and February where he scored 13 goals.

Marchand had the one slip up this season with getting suspended for 3 games, but other than that he has shown the ability to lead this team on and off the ice.

Marchand is also quite the character.  I’m not sure if any of you have seen the Valentine’s Day “Behind the B” episode where he gave teammates Valentine’s Day cards but what a beauty.  It was classic.  Marchand brings the intensity when it is game time, but it seems like he keeps it loose off the ice.  It will be interesting to see how he grows into more of a leadership role with the Bruins.

3. 30-goal scorers all around

Loui Eriksson’s goal tonight was his 30th of the season.  It is only the second time in Eriksson’s career he has scored 30 goals in a season.  The Bruins now have three 30 goal scores (Marchand, Bergeron and Eriksson).  The Bruins have not had 3 players score over 30 goals in a season since 2002-2003 season (Glen Murray-44, Joe Thornton-36, and Mike Knuble-30).

Certainly this makes it harder to swallow if Loui walks as a free agent at the end of the season and I do think there is a good chance that happens.  I thought the Bruins should have moved Eriksson at the trade deadline because I do not think they are going to be able to pay him what he wants.  Plus, they have Torey Krug and Brad Marchand to sign.  Not moving Loui will look even worse if the Bruins do not make the playoffs.  Either way Eriksson has had a great year and he is one of the players that have helped the Bruins to be in a position to make the playoffs.


  • Torey Krug’s power play goal in the second period was his first goal in 54 games.  Holy shit.
  • If the Bruins play like they did tonight on Saturday and win, but miss the playoffs because the Flyers win their last two games I can live with it.  At least they put in the effort at the end to try to get in.