Yeah, I know.  It’s a longshot.  But let’s at least have some fun here with the near impossible.

The Bruins have a 1% chance of winning the NHL Draft Lottery on Saturday night and if they did it would change the face of this franchise forever.  Auston Matthews putting on the black n’ gold would be the absolute dream scenario for them after this debacle of a season.  Matthews is a generational talent and it would give the Bruins a lot of options with their roster.

I mean come on, if the hockey gods exist they would make this happen.  They have to make up for allowing Peter Chiarelli to think trading a 21-year-old star in the making, Tyler Seguin, was a good idea.  Also the NHL has a hard time marketing their stars because a lot of them are not from the United States.  Having him play in one of the biggest hockey markets in the United States would be a dream scenario for the NHL, and for Bruins fans.

Drafting Auston Matthews with solve a lot of the Bruins’ issues.  They would at least be able to trade Ryan Spooner for a defenseman.  Spooner alone will not get the Bruins the defenseman they need, but he would sweeten the pot a little bit if need be.  I also would not rule out trading David Krejci.  It might not happen the first year, but I would think by the second year Matthews would take over for Krejci as the second line center as long as Claude gave him enough playing time to develop.  The return for Krejci could be the defenseman that they need.

If the Bruins were able to solve their defensive issues with some trades and they had salary cap room available I would then go and try to sign Kyle Okposo.  Okposo fits the Bruins style and he is a pure goal scorer.

With Auston Matthews the Bruins Stanley Cup window would fly back open.  With a Blue Chip Prospect like Matthews in the mix the Bruins would be able to move some of their other prospects to help them bring in players to fit their needs in other positions.  The rebuild would be over and it would be time to compete for the Cup again.

It is not like you would be getting a kid that was playing junior hockey to make the jump to the NHL.  Auston Matthews wisely played in Switzerland’s top professional league instead.  The Swiss A league is probably the equivalent of around the AHL level.  Matthews had 46 points in 36 games playing against men.  Also he is the oldest player in this year’s draft.  He missed the 2015 draft by 2 days.

I ran the NHL Lottery Simulator 100 times and the Bruins came up with the first pick twice.  Then they came up with the 3rd pick 3 times.  If the Bruins win the NHL Draft Lottery on Saturday I will dance the jig up and down my street in my underwear.  My neighbors will probably call the cops and have me put into the nut house, but that is how happy I will be.  Then we can all stop dreaming about a 1-2 center combination of Bergeron and Seguin.  We would be able to forget that Mr. Seguin ever played in Boston.

So you’re telling me there is a chance?  I hope so.  Lets go Bruins! Win the draft lottery!