(Source: The Tennessean) – With the NHL draft days away, the Predators acquired an extra third-round selection from the Sabres on Monday for the rights to forward prospect Jimmy Vesey.   “It’s been pretty clear since late March that we’re not going to be able to sign Jimmy Vesey,” Predators general manager David Poile said.  “We were fully aware of what the rules are, that he’d become an unrestricted free agent in mid-August, and at that time, we’d receive no compensation of any kind for our investment and our asset.  By trading him today, in my opinion, we recouped the (third-round) pick we used to acquire him. 

If Jimmy Vesey signs with the Buffalo Sabres I’m not sure how I’ll handle it.  With a few drinks?  Yes.  But long term I’m not sure I can ever bounce back from it.  Vesey’s agent represents Jack Eichel so there’s certainly plenty of credibility there that is needed to sell him a miserable place like Buffalo.  But with Vesey having played hockey most of his life right in the Bruins backyard, not getting him would just be another recent failure for the Bruins management.  And maybe their recent blunders have made them too unattractive.

They don’t trade Loui Eriksson at the trade deadline.  Instead they trade picks for rental players to “help” a Bruins team that had no shot at the Stanley Cup.  They don’t get any legit NHL ready defenseman to replace Dougie Hamilton when they trade him, and then fail to flip those picks to get their guy, Noah Hanifin.  But at least they locked up a 6th defenseman for $10 million over four years.  I mean, how can Vesey and his agent track these things and not go, “hmmmm, they kinda seem like they don’t know how to run an organization with a long term vision.  Maybe we want to look elsewhere first?”

Now, there certainly is an element to this Vesey-to-Buffalo move that doesn’t make it a lock he’ll be a Sabre when you read that Buffalo is essentially admitting their just taking a shot since they had the picks to burn.  I’m not convinced it’s a serious play.  But being proactive with the “why not us?” attitude is an admirable one from an organization that at least has made it clear all along what they’re doing; rebuilding and not trying to just get in to the playoffs with rentals.  Normally I’d say you couldn’t pay me to live in Buffalo.  But when they seem like they know what their doing, not trading those same 3rd round picks for Zac Rinaldo instead, I’d at least listen to them.

Don’t ruin my summer, Jimmy.  Help ease the headache of recent Bruins management blunders.  Buffalo sucks, just come home.