(Source: CSNNE.com) – According to a hockey source, Don Sweeney and the Boston Bruins “are preparing an offer sheet” this week for Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba as an aggressive option to land a No. 1 defenseman after trades didn’t pan out at last weekend’s NHL Draft…. Because they sent their 2017 third round pick to the Flyers for Zac Rinaldo and their 2017 second round pick to New Jersey for Lee Stempniak, the Bruins must put together an offer sheet with an average annual value (AAV) of at least $9.3 million that will require Boston to give up four consecutive first round picks as compensation.

What the hell is going on in Boston right now?  Are the Bruins rebuilding or not?  Do they think they’re a Cup contender?  Do they think just getting in the playoffs is success?

From the moves at the last trade deadline, to not trading Loui, to not packaging picks and players to get Noah Hanifin at the draft last year, to these rumors… What are the Bruins doing?  What is their plan?  No one knows. Don Sweeney would be a fantastic politician:

Reporter: Senator Sweeney, what’s your plan for the economy?

Sweeney: Great question. And the answer is pretty simple.  We’ve got to stick to the process, look towards the future and make sure we’re not doing anything out of impulse today just to do something.  And we also have to be open to any opportunities that help us grow as a whole right now.

Ummm… what?

The two wildest rumors going about the Bruins right now are they going to drop an atomic bomb of an offer sheet on Winnipeg defenseman Jacob Trouba, or that they’ll try to take a run at all-world sniper Steven Stamkos.  They couldn’t be more polar opposite moves.

An offer sheet for Trouba costs the Bruins prized future assets (FOUR 1st round picks).  A Brinks truck of hundos for Stammer (Boston has just as much cap space as Detroit) is all about now and striking while you can on a rare talent.

If Don is going to go nuts then please go nuts on Stamkos.  It’s not my money.  Back that truck up and dump piles of Delaware North cash on him.  You can trade Krejci for a good defenseman, and have a Bergy/Stammer 1-2 punch for $18 million.  Buyout/trade Seidenberg, trade McQuaid, let Loui walk and do it up big.  Not that Jacob Trouba isn’t a fantastic player but similar players to Trouba can be acquired without mortgaging the next half decade of first round picks.

I don’t think either deal goes down but I gotta admit that Photoshopping that Stamkos on-ice pic in a Bruins jersey got me tingly.  And since the Bruins don’t have any sort of coherent and clear plan it almost makes me think they can pull it off.  Nothing else has made sense to this point, so why not?